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Hi Friends! Everybody must have heared a great proverb "Knowledge is Power". Exactly... But many people of us are not aware of either the information source or complete details of information to improve knowledge. Even I also faced the same in my starting days of career as many people were not interested to share their knowledge to the people in thirsty. This made me to think about a need to create a place to share the knowledge among ourselves. That is what the purpose of this website....


Thus this website is designed with the theme of "A PLACE WHERE KNOWLEDGE IS SHARED". Here you can find the valuable information related to GMP, Regulatory Guidances, Newsletters, USFDA Warning Letters, Various Audit Observations, current trends in Pharmaceutical/ Biotech/ Food industries etc.


My aim through this website is to have a day where nobody depends on anybody to get information to improve knowledge.....



One among you....




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  • Professionals of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, Engineering, Warehouse, Regulatory Affairs & other fuctions working in Pharmaceutical/ Food/ Biopharmaceutical Industry.
  • Individuals who are interested to know about GMP environment.
  • Persons who want to educate others or support others to improve their knowledge to become a Better Professional in their field of work.


Come here to get knowledge and share the same to the people who are not aware of.....

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